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Summer is here, Fuck it’s hot.
Of course the air conditioning is out.
weeds in your plants.
Sweating intensely doing normal chores.
Fucking bugs in your face.
No pool for you.
wasps are out, here to sting.
Burning seatbelts against your skin.
Red bodies, and peeling.
Shorts that don’t button.
Summer is here, Fuck it’s hot.

The true story of Ashton Kechtum

Ashton Ketchum 

I’m the one that the battles always choose.
It was my dream.
It was my life.
Played out and forgotten again.
Just another pixel in the screen.
Just to get ahead.
I wanted to be the best.
To crush his dream.
To conquer him.
Picking at me.
Taunting me.
My mother was never there.
She pretended to be sweet.
But at the end of the day She didn’t care.
Left alone to do what ever.
Traveled far and wide.
My father was never around ether.
But I did have a dad.
He kept me sane.
Gave me the tools I needed to succeed.
He understood.
Professor Oak.
Professor oak was my dad.
Never had much of a child hood.
Fighting pokemon in the streets and forests.
Just to pay for my next meal.
My pokemon were my only friends.
I had them battle for me.
My friends.. My pets.
And tormented all so I could be.
…The Very Best There Ever Was.
The true story of Ash.

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